Interdisciplinary support in all areas of the real estate industry

More than 20 years of experience form the basis on which the AKKON Group accompanies national and international investors with services relating to high-yield real estate. From the purchase decision to the active asset management or property developer support, the entire process chain is actively accompanied.
With our first company headquarters in Cologne and a branch in Düsseldorf we always try to maintain a global perspective and maintain a constant exchange with the contacts of our international market participants.

Marion und Peter Zimmermann
Marion und Peter ZimmermannManagement
“Just real estate” was the statement of one of the first foreign clients whom we have extensively supported. This slogan about us should be the program for the following decades and that means: A holistic support around the real estate in the style of a personally managed family office.



In order to increase the value of assets, the AKKON Group covers the various areas of the real estate industry along the entire process chain: In addition to complete purchase support, this also includes the profitable management of an asset portfolio – right up to the strategic increase in the value of real estate assets through the further development of new construction measures.


AKKON combines the know-how of the following four medium-sized companies with their own service portfolio.

Akkon Equity GmbH

AKKON Equity GmbH is responsible for all investment activities within the “AKKON business area”. Here no operative business is developed, but the responsibility lies here in the identification of business opportunities and the promotion of innovative and new business models and technologies. This is done by providing the financial means to support the operative business and the necessary marketing measures as well as guaranteeing access to the AKKON network and the individual partner areas to support cooperation and exchange.

Akkon Grundbesitz GmbH

Focused on supporting domestic and foreign companies in the German real estate market. In addition to the purchase audit, the acquisition support also includes advice on the necessary refinancing as well as the takeover of the acquired real estate into the property management. In addition, the company specialises in asset management and proper reporting. From 2011 until the summer of 2019, AKKON Grundbesitz GmbH was solely responsible for the administration of all properties of the SITUS Group.

Akkon Real Estate GmbH

The company specialises in the sale of real estate with official approval in accordance with § 34 c GewO and in the qualified search for opportunistic real estate for international investors.

In addition, the company focuses on investment activities in the Cologne region.

Akkon Property Management GmbH

In the summer of 2019, we expanded our property management business and founded AKKON Property Management GmbH.

Since then, the company has taken over the management of the Situs Group’s portfolio properties and would also take over management activities for third parties following an appropriate audit.